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Joyce, I just love Cowboy!!!!!  He is so smart, too. My other dog has accepted him, she has taken on the mother role and she tattles on him etc. He gets alittle wild at times and she puts him in his place but she also takes alot too. He (Cowboy) has mastered come and sit.I am walking around with treats in my pocket all the time and he knows it so he really books it to me. I am potty trained really well too! Did you catch that, that I am the one trained. He knows what to do outside and he doesn't fool around but he just doesn't know how to tell me yet.    -Brenda

I just want to Thank your daughter for a wonderful choice for me. Hank is with out any doubt the sweetest puppy I have ever had. He plays and does his thing but always comes back to check on me and to get his belly rubbed. He has slept with me from day one, and I can say he is house broke. He runs in and out of the dog door like he has done it for years. He still wakes me up around 2:00am for a quick belly rub and then he goes back to sleep. Is he spoiled? ABSOLUTELY and I wouldn't have it any other way. He has made a new dog out of Dusty, he has a ball with that pup. He fusses with him constantly.     -Anita Caines

          He has adjusted very well. My 11 month old son loves him
  and "Blue" follows him around the house when he is crawling. It is so  cute. He is right on your heels. He likes to hang out in the living room with                             us at night and is a very very good boy. 

                            I want to tell you that we just LOVE the puppies and                                       wouldn't give them up for the world Elvis and Shelby


 Houston is a very sweet dog.  His parents are Winston and Boo. 
 I think he acts just like Winston did the day we got Houston.  My niece picked up the other little fiesty male a week later and named him Toby.  We get the boys together when we can. They constantly run and play with each other when they're together.  -Schumachers 

Dear Cassidy,
We just love the puppy. She is so darn 
smart and she has a mind of her own. 
She is doing so very well. Our other dog 
has gotten used to having her around and 
they play wonderfully together. Thank you
 for a very wonderful dog. 
Gail (from Arizona)
Hi! I bought a puppy from you all in December of 2008, he just turned 4 last week! Just wanted to write and send a picture of him. I named him Adoni, found the name on an Aborigine baby name list. He is a great dog, very smart, very obedient! He isn't mini as you can see, about 65 lbs and could stand to lose a little! I recommend you guys to everyone that asks me about him, thanks for breeding excellent dogs!

Hi Cass,

Just thought I'd send you a photo or 2 of Kya. She LOVES the snow - and eating it - and snowmen! :)

She is very chubby since she was spade. We are careful with her food but that isn't working, so we are hoping when the weather is nicer and we can get outside more, she will slim down. Right now she is not happy we have cut back the food so she carries her dog dish everywhere she goes hoping someone will fill it. She thinks she is starving....she is NOT. lol

She is a sweetheart - and her best friend is my 2.7 lb Yorkie. She is so careful with her and they adore each other. She is very smart and easy to train. (2014)
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Hi it's me Marlie (aka ashes) just thought you would like to know I'm loving my new home! My new sister hasn't quite warmed up to me yet but I'm not gonna stop trying till we are best of friends! I have lots of new toys to play with, my favorite is my blue dog, I carry it with me everywhere. I went to visit my grandparents yesterday! They have a huge yard where I can run and play they wore me out so I had to take a nap! Bye for now! I'll keep you updated on my new adventures! Love Marlie! (Aug. 2015)